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Carbon Series C-12 / 12" D4 500w Subwoofer

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Dual Y35 Magnet Motor Structure

Low Carbon Steel Top/Bottom Plates

Flared Pole & Magnetic Gap Venting

Very Strong Stamped Steel Frame

Long High Temp 4-layer Voicecoil

2.5" Aluminum Voicecoil Former

Bolted & Glued Poly/Cotton Spider

Woven Tinsel Leads

Strong Paper Cone w/ Double Stitched Foam Surround


The Carbon Line is more than the normal entry level subwoofer. We started with a long 2.5" voice coil to give you superior throw and power handling. Around that, we designed a new motor in house utilizing dual stack high grade magnets with optimized interior air flow to ensure the coil will stay cool, linear, and perform.

We then mated the motor to a strong steel frame to hold everything together. A high-quality poly/cotton blended spider w/woven tinsel leads was used to support the throw of the motor.  Also, just to add to the rigidity - we bolted and glued the spider to the frame. For ease of wiring, the subwoofer has spring loaded push terminals to ensure a secure grip on your speaker wire.

To top it off, we utilized a stiff competition grade cone/dust cap and durable foam surround that match our specifications to further control linearity and lower unwanted distortions - so that this woofer doesn't just get loud, it sounds great while doing it. These drivers are versatile and work great in sealed or ported enclosures.

To call this driver entry level is an understatement as its anything but. So, when you truly want a high output and quality driver for a reasonable price, look no further, as the Carbon line has you covered. 

Carbon 12 D4 T/S Specs:

FS - 36 hz

RE (Ohms) - 4.0

Qts - 0.49

Qes - 0.56

Qms -3.86

Vas (L) - 39.5

Cms - 105.08

Mms (grams) - 167.4

Sd - 51.47

BL - 22.1

Sens (dB @ 1w/1m) - 87.5

Rms - 500w

Xmax - 16mm (one way @ 70% BL)

Enclosure Specs:

Sealed enclosure - 1.0 cuft
Vented enclosure - 1.75 cuft
Port Area - 32 in2
Displacement - .11 cuft
Cut-out - 11.125"
Outside Diameter - 12.30"
Depth - 5.25"