Warranty Information

All new Weiss Audio subwoofers are covered with a 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase when purchased from www.weissaudiodesigns.com or any authorized retailer.

The warranty DOES cover:

Products that are defective in material/workmanship and is not intended to be used as insurance.

The warranty does NOT cover:

Burnt/Unwound voice coils or lead wires due to excessive power or clipping.

Torn Surrounds/Spiders

Damage that is caused from misuse/abuse.

Damage that is caused from improper enclosure size or use outside of listed recommendations.

Damage that is caused from improper installation/improper wiring.

Damage/Defects from natural accidentals such as water, fire, electricity ect.

Defects/Damage that might come from a repair/tampering by someone other than Weiss Audio.

Damage attained from shipping, as a damage claim would need to be made with shipping company.

Packing Materials/accessories not originally used with the product upon purchase.


*Warranty only applies to the original purchaser with original receipt/invoice and cannot be transferred to a new owner.

*All returns are thoroughly tested and checked for warranty validation by professionals with industry specific tools.

*Weiss Audio has sole discretion in determining if a product is covered under warranty.